dinsdag, april 24, 2007

Stitching Day

April 21 st we had a stitching day with my stitching grou from yahoo. at 8 O'clock, my mum, Pascale and I left and we met an hour later with Chantal and Ilse, to drive on to Jacqueline in the Netherlands. We had a nice drive, and after two and a half hours we arrived. We met lovely people, and had a wonderful day !!!!

We all had to make a gift for a gift basket, we all made something to eat, so when everything was in place, we met wonderful people.
First there was a show and tell : everyone showed the stitching or patchwork work they had brought, and told a little something about it, then it went around, and everyone could admire it !!! I saw wonderful things !!!
Then we ate. After dinner, just before coffee, we had a present for Jacqueline. 15 of us made a friendship-quilt for her, for the hard time she had when her mum got sick and died, to let her know we are all there for her. This was a very emotional moment.
Then, in the afternoon, we had to draw a number, and got to choose a gift from the gift basket. I got a wonderful pincushion, made by Saskia.
We talked all day, and before we knew, the day had gone by, and we head home again. Tired, but so hapy ;-)

This I made for Bianca as a gift for her new home.

this one I made for Jacqueline

This is the friendshipsquilt we made for Jacqueline. We stitched with 15 people, I patched it together, and my mum did the quilting.

This is the pincushion I got from the gift basket.

Thanks again all !! It was a wonderful day, and we'll do it again, September 29th !!!

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Karen en Marc zei

Wat leuk die foto's zeg. En wat mooi al die kadootjes. Schitterend werk geleverd.