donderdag, mei 24, 2007

My birthday

May 21st I had my birthday. I was in Disneyland Resort Paris then, so I couldn't have had a better birthdaygift ;) We had a wonderful time there, but that is for an other time to tell ;)

Talking about gifts, I was soiled rotten with my birthday, just have a look :

From Virpi I recieved these scrapbook goodies, a pen for calligraphy, an a tuck for halloween. I alrdeady know a chart to stitch for it ;-)
From Jacqueline W I got also scrapbook goodies, a wonderful sheep, she made herself, a product for a facial mask and a big bag of dmc floss.

From Diana, wonderful fall stitching. I'm going to search for a nice branch to put these on .

From Jacqueline B I got a L*K chart

Chantal made me this wonderful halloweenbox. She knows me so well !! ;-)It contained charts designed by San Man, all halloween tucks. Hope to finish some by halloween.

From all the members from my internet Stitching Group, I got a subscription on Atelier Bep ( ) . I recieve a patchwork mystery package every month for 9 months. Thanks again to all !!!!! I love it !!!
I also got flowers from my cousins, money from my mum, giftcertificate for perfume from my brother, giftcertificate for herbs and spices from Karine, herbs and spices for coocking from my other cousins, flowers from my grandmother, and lots of birthdaycards and wishes !!!!
I almost feel like a princess with all these gifts. And I feel very blessed with so much friends !!!

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