donderdag, juni 28, 2007

Look here

Look what came out of my stitching drawer yesterday ... I think she was locked in for almost a year : my halloween - Cow ;-) Stitched her head yesterday, and the cat and pumpkin. I'm going to leave out the lettering at the bottom. I think she's coming along Scary ;-)

Almost finished May, missing a colour, I'm going to get that this afternoon and finish tomorrow, because I'm already a month behind on schedual.

Still have to stitch some secret stitching, so can't show that, but going to finish the Cow in between secret stitching....

Off to work now... Bye

6 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

Your LK project is so cheerful, I love it! The cow looks fun too... :o)

Virpi zei

Gorgeous stitching, Iris!

Leena zei

What a cute cow :)

Simone zei

The cow is such a cutie!!! And your LK is also great!

Sharon zei

Oh that cow is too cute. I used to have a thing for cows and had a kitchen filled with them!

LaDiabolik zei

A Halloween cow: how funny. She is cute and will be ready for this year.