dinsdag, juni 26, 2007

More things to show

I bought some stash a few weeks ago, and yesterday it finally arrived in the mail ! It's my next flip it bits by Lizzie Kate, and the Peacock Stitching Chair by a cats whiskers. Gonna hurry on May, so I can get on with the next months ;)

My birthday was last May, but because I saw Willeke in person, she saved my gift, and I got it on Sunday. It is a wonderful towel with a bumble bee stitching, soap called Iris, two wonderful pins she made herself, and scrapbook bees. Thanks a lot again !! I love it !

Also got a present from Ilse. Thank you !! I love it, especially the cow ;-)

I also finished the summer mailart exchange, but can't show it yet, it goes in the mail Juli 15th.
Off to finish the may flip it bit by Lizzie Kate.

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