zondag, juni 24, 2007

Stitching with friends

I had a real nice day today : stitching with my friends Chatnal, Willeke and Ilse. We did a little workshop together and amde a pinkeep. These are the results :

the one with the ghost is mine
the one with the pig is from Ilse
the one with the redwork is from Chantal
the one with the Bent Creek pattern is Willeke's

Now I can also show my secret stitching projects I made fot Willeke's birthday. The pattern of the pinkeep is from Tante's zolder ( http://myauntsattic.web-log.nl/myauntsattic/ )
I made it with dmc

I also made her this needleroll. She loved Becky's stitching room, and the basket with needlerolls, so now she can start her own collection of needlerolls ;-)

Reindeer Parade

by Sweet nothings - JBW designs

3 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

All your finishes are lovely!

Leena zei

You've been stitching beautiful things! And the pinkeeps are lovely. Isn't it great to stitch with friends, I just love that too :)

Sharon zei

The finishes are just so pretty! Great job with the pinkeeps.