maandag, juli 02, 2007

Color-chain exchange

I'm participating in a color - chain exchange . This exchange works like this : the first on the list makes something for the second one on the list, in her/his favorite color. No-one knows who is next to recieve, so it is exciting. When the exchange arrives at the second one on the list, this one makes something for the thrid one on the list, and so on.....
Today, the exchange arrived in my mailbox. It came from Jacqueline B, who made me a wonderful pair of warm socks !! I think it is a real original, and wonderful gift, I love it !!! There was also a piece of handdyed fabric with it, in my favorite color purple.

And Jacqueline, they fit perfectly !!! And they are so warm !!!

Now it is my turn to make something for the next person on the list ...... I already have some ideas ;-)

4 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

What beautiful socks!

Karin zei

What gorgeous socks - in a wonderful colour too.

Anoniem zei

What a wonderful idea!
Love the socks!

Karen en Marc zei

Ze zijn schitterend, echt super. Toch wel heel heel die exchange. Ben benieuwd naar wat jij gaat toveren.