donderdag, juli 12, 2007

Princess Tara and Princess Jana

Not much to tell about my cross stitching, since it is secret stitching ;-) . I'm also working on a Sanman, that I'll show soon, it is almost finished.

Here's a picture of my daughter Tara and her best friend Jana. They love to dress up as princesses ....

Tara and Jana

Jana and Tara

5 opmerkingen:

Sharon zei

Both are so sweet!

Itching To Stitch zei

LOVE the pics ;)

LaDiabolik zei

Ahhh, the magic world of children: if only we could follow their example and see the world like they do, everything would be more beautiful. Those two littles princesses are so cute.

Wendy zei

They are both beautiful little girls! How much fun to dress up!!

BeckySC zei

Beautiful girls :)