woensdag, juli 04, 2007

Summer mailart part II

Today the summer mailart I made arrived with Simone, so now I can show him. I chose for a Lizzie Kate design.

My best friend Karine made a card to match, with flip flops, and I inserted some charms and a Keychain.

This is the keychain I made.
Now I'm going to work on the color-exchange, so nothing to show for a while ;-) . Also going to make some PIF gifts in a while, so lots of FBI projects on the way...

3 opmerkingen:

Karen en Marc zei

Schitterend gedaan, leuk met die slippers erop. Tenminste iets van zon. Ze zal heel blij zijn geweest.

Jaja kleurenexchange, dorie moeten weer een maand wachten voor we iets kunnen zien van jouw.

Leena zei

What a beautiful mailart you've stitched! The one you received is so lovely as well.

Sharon zei

More great mailart! I love this one. I am stitching this flip flop pattern too.