donderdag, augustus 02, 2007

August - SAL month

August is SAL month for me. First there was Helga's halloween SAL , Love all the designs, and the way everybody is stitching, we'll all have a halloween tree finished by the end of August ;-)

Then there started a Loving Swirly Snow SAL on the Sanman Originals messageboard , designed by Tonia. It's going to be al lovely snowman. I really love the colors, and this is how far I got yesterday, on Day 1.

Soon there will also be a Halloween SAL on the SanMan messageboard , but mysterious yet, but I like that ;-)

And I will also be participating in a Halloween SAL on the Blog of Anne-Valerie

And then of course there is the SAL of Tanya Meehans Halloween Gameboard, which I'm in all year , and Which is coming along nicely. Almost made all the squares, but have to stitch the July part still.

But, I'm in a two weeks holiday now, so lots of stitching will be done, and the weather is going to be fine, so I can sit in the garden... love it !!

5 opmerkingen:

Virpi zei

The Loving Swirly Snow SAL looks adorable! I love the colors in it.

Hazel zei

The snowman looks great! I will check out the link. Thanks for your comments on my blog. xx

Anoniem zei

Great WIPS! I also love the colours in the Swirly Snow piece.

Sounds like you're going to be busy this month!

Sharon zei

Your wip's look wonderful. I love the halloween gameboard.

Vonna zei

Such lovely stitching you've got going on here! :)