woensdag, augustus 22, 2007

Halloween cascade

I know, I know, I shouldn't, but I did...... I started something new yesterday. What can I say ? I just love Halloween ;-)
I started on the SanMan halloween cascade. This is how far I got, it is the left side of a tripple piece. Next week we get the right side, so I love to have this finished before Tuesday next.

What am I working on ?

- Loving Swirly Snow SAL (3/4 finished)

- Crazy exchange present for Claudine (have to start yet, but found a pattern)

- Crazy exchange gift for ....... (1/3 done)

- Halloween SAL wXSw (2 ornaments finished, 1 behind)

- Halloween cascade SanMan

- SAT Princess Wandabee ( once every third weekend of the month)

I like to get it all finished, so I made a rotation for myself, I stitch on all for 1 1/2 hours .... works for me this way ;-) and all will get finished ......

Off to work now, first day after the holiday's .....

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LaDiabolik zei

What a planning ! One thing's for sure: you do love Halloween. Please don't forget to show us some pictures of your Halloween decorations of your house.