maandag, augustus 20, 2007

Princess Wandabee after her SAT

Didn't stitch as much as I wanted too, due to the fact that we are remoddeling some rooms in our house, and we went to Planckendael yesterday, but I did finish the frog and her hair, as I had set in my goals.

3 opmerkingen:

Annelies zei

Hallo Iris,

Wat leuk dat je even op mijn web-log was. Op die manier had ik ook een link naar jouw blog en ik kijk mijn ogen uit. Wat een leuke, mooie borduurwerken komen er langs. Helemaal top !

Nana's Quilts zei

Wat jammer als je moet naar work gaan. Yes - holidays are much, much better. And retirement (met pension) is even better!

BeckySC zei

WOW, this is a great piece! My best friend would just love it!

Can you send me an email at want to ask you a question :)