vrijdag, augustus 17, 2007

something new

SAT : stands for Stitch-a-thon. I've read this on Virpi's blog, about this Stitch-a-thon, and I like the idea. You stitch from friday evening till Sunday, and you post a picture before and after, and this every third weekend of the month.
For my SAT, I've chosen a design I haven't stitched on in a long time .... remeber Princess Wandabee ? ?

Princess Wandabee

byPurple heart designs

I started stitching on this 15/8/2002, I think it's about time this UFO became finished don't you think. So, all else has to wait ;-) I'm going to stitch this one this weekend. Update after the weekend !!!

2 opmerkingen:

Vonna zei

Oh, this is a cute design! Good Job!

Virpi zei

Were you able to stitch on SAT-weekend on this project?