vrijdag, augustus 10, 2007

wXSw halloween SAL

Finished my second ornament yesterday for the wXSw yahoogroup Halloween SAL. Of course, again, a witchy one ;-)

I'm also stitching on an FBI project for Virpi ;-) and still on the Swirly Snow SAL, which is coming along nicely !!

I would also like to thank everyone for all the nice comments I got lately !!! Thanks all for visiting !!!

6 opmerkingen:

Cindy zei

Congratulations on your second SAL finish! I'm still working on my first one, and it is the same one that you just did...the witches :)

Your snowman is looking wonderful as well!

tkdchick zei

Congrats on your finish and that snowman is filling in quickly!

coonie zei

I love your snowman!

Sharon zei

Cute Halloween finish! Your SAL piece is coming along. You received such a cute crazy exchange piece.

Rachel zei

Very nice projects. And the snowman is fabulous.

Beatrice zei

Halloween seems to be in the air ...your piece is so nice!
It's fun to do some smalls once in a while just to get some finishes.