vrijdag, september 21, 2007


First of all is here my third part of the Halloween SAL on Anne-Valeries blog. Tomorrow I'll start part 4 ....

Then I made a SanMan design, a freebie on the messageboard. It's going to be the lid of a Halloween Candy Box, but I'll finish it off later this week. Here is the stitching part.

And today I started on the halloween SAL of my own Dutch stitching group. We are using the freebie of the blog Grille the Marysse : Halloween House . Marysse designs wonderful things. After Halloween we are going to make her 'grille de plateau' as a SAL. We are giving everyone time now to buy the pattern, and we start on it November 1st. We just love it !!!

Since it is Stitch-a-thon weekend, my goal is to stitch as much on my halloween pieces as possible ;-) I'll post an update on Monday.

Have a nice weekend all

4 opmerkingen:

Nana's Quilts zei

I do not read any French, but some of her designs (Marysse) are just exquisite. You are a good woman to be doing such fine work. And I just love the "candy corn" on the Halloween stitching. I think your house will look more like Halloween than mine will. :->

Barbara zei

Oh my gosh, you've been busy!! Beautiful projects!!

Verona zei

Prachtige halloween SAL's heb je gemaakt.

Je doosje ziet er heel mooi uit

Leena zei

Cute stitching!! I also bought the "plateau" and hope to have time to stitch it soon :)