woensdag, september 05, 2007


Still working on a few WIP's and SAL's.

My progress on the Sanman Halloween Cascade : still have to do some backstitching on the left side, but couldn't resist starting on the right side.

I also joined a new Halloween SAL on the blog of Anne-Valerie : week 1

And also working on some FBI projects for the Crazy-exchange blog, which of course I can tell nothing about ;) .

6 opmerkingen:

BeckySC zei

It's looking good :)

Nana's Quilts zei

Oh - why can't you tell us?

Rachel zei

No doubt: you'll be ready on time. Nice work.

Hannah zei

Ooooh. Spooky!

Virpi zei

How on earth did you manage to write a comment at crazyexchange at the same time as I was writing the story =). You are quick or you have some kind of magic powers in use LOL.

Anoniem zei

Dag Iris , ik been ouit Duitsland ik heb een frag .
Ich hoffe du kannst ein wenig Deutsch ,leider kann ich meine Muttersprache nicht mehr schreiben , nur lesen und sprechen .
Wo hast du diese super Vorlage von San Man Originals gekauft ? Hier in Duitsland bekomme ich es nicht . Meine Mail Adresse ist :
inis.reinwald@t-online.de .

Liebe Grüße Inis