maandag, oktober 01, 2007

Fun Things

Last Saturday we had a stitching day with my Dutch yahoo stitching group, it was so much fun. I arrived at Chantals witch Pascale at about 10.30. Willeke was already there. Soon after Jeanine, Diana, Simone and Jacqueline arrived, and later also Ilse. We talked a lot, stitched a bit, talked a lot, had lots of fun, played a very exciting and fun presents game ;) , talked some more, and shared lots of gifts.........
It was a wonderful day, and hopefuly there will be one soon again......

We all had to make a present for the present basket, so that everyone had a souvenier from our wonderful day. This is what I made :

mine was drawn by Ilse. I made it with The Hedgehog from The Workbasket.
This is what I got, from Jacqueline : some patchworkfabrics, and some self-dyed stitching fabric.

I also got a Crazy-exchange present from Chantal. I really love it, she knows me so well !!!

Diana had brought me something for the fabric I've sent her....

And last but not least, I got a present as being the second host to the meeting. Girls, you shouldn't have done this, but I love it !!!! These are just my colors !!

Thanks again girls, for all the presents,a nd for the wonderful day !!!! Let's do it again soon !!!!
Now I'm off to catch up with some stitching ;-)

2 opmerkingen:

Sharon zei

The boxes are all lovely, sounds like you all had a good time and exchanged some beautiful thngs!

Leena zei

Oh it sounds like you had a really good time! Days like these are just wonderful, aren't they :) The gifts are all great, the box you made is very pretty.