donderdag, oktober 11, 2007

Halloween box final finish

Now my halloween box is really finished ;-)

Two more boxes are with my friend to finish ......

8 opmerkingen:

jacq zei

je doosje is nu wel heeeeeeeeeeel erg mooi! iets om zuinig op te zijn.

groetjes jacq w

ollie1976 zei

very cute.

BeckySC zei

I love it, Iris!!! It's just adorable!!

Becky K in OK zei

Your box is absolutely cute, cute, cute. Great finish!

Leena zei

Everything is always so cute here :) Such a lovely box!

Sharon zei

Looks wonderful! Congrats.

Pumpkin zei

What a great idea Iris! Great finish :o)

I haven't done mine yet because I haven't found a box :o(

paru's_circle zei

just found your blog, awesome boxes!