dinsdag, oktober 30, 2007

Happy Halloween

Tomorrow is Halloween. My children are giving a Halloween party, here is the decorated table.....

Have a great Halloween all !!!

5 opmerkingen:

Sharon zei

How lovely your table looks. Happy Halloween to your children and you. Have a great party. I love your blog. Beautiful ideas for stitching.

paru's_circle zei

i wish i could come to the party!! what lovely napkins, where did you find them?

Sharon zei

How cute! The decoration looks great.

Louisiana Momma zei

your table is to DIE for!! :-) It is really an adorable idea - hope the kiddies appreciate it :-) I enjoyed looking at all the XS on your blog too :-)

Pumpkin zei

That's some fancy Halloween decorating Iris! Lovely :o)