donderdag, november 08, 2007

Finished another one

Finished another one from WxsW yahoo group,a design bu Stitchy Kitty. I just love thsi cute one, and he was so fun to make.....

Thanks to all who leave such nice comments ! ! I really appreciate them !

@Virpi : and ? stitched one already ? ? ;-)

@Bea : Ik wil gerust wat met je over en weer mailen om je Vlaams te oefenen ;) Je doet het nog goed !!

4 opmerkingen:

Ulla zei

Very cute snowman!

Pumpkin zei

He's ADORABLE Iris! Can you tell me if this was a freebie or not? :o)

Nana's Quilts zei

So tell me, Iris, how will you finish them? That is what always stops me. I did buy myself some Aida cloth and some floss, so perhaps I will start cross stitch again.

Sylvie zei

Aww I love this one!