vrijdag, november 09, 2007

finishing my christmas ornaments

For Marne and all of you who are wondering what I'm going to do with my finished ornaments :
I have two wreaths I thought I'd use for them. I was going to use it for my halloween ornaments, but, it never got that far, as I was too occupied in other Halloween commitments. So now I'm going to use them for my Christmas ornaments.
I don't know yet how to finish them. Or, I make little pinkeeps of them to put on the wreath, or, I make littel cushions. What do you think.

This wreath is not so big, so I thought to make one for the middle piece, and decorate the wreath with fabric.

This one is for the rest of the ornaments. It's quit big, so I have to stitch a lot ;-) I think little cushions wil be best, those I can sew onto the wreath, through the branches.....

@ pumpkin

The designs are free to the members of the WxsW yahoo group, which I am a member of ;-) It's a great chatty group.

4 opmerkingen:

Pumpkin zei

That's a great idea Iris! I've never done one before so I have no advice on how to go about doing them.

Thank you for answering my question :o)

Rachel zei

I really need to get ready for Xmas. Nice projects you've made. Thanks for the inspiration.

Hannah zei

You've had such pretty finishes! Can't wait to see the ornaments once they are all done! Thank you for the inspiration!

Bea de Caracas zei

Danke voor je bezoek, if sprek een beetje vlaams omdat ik een klein appart in Oostende heb...Voor de vakantie wanneer ik tot Belgïe terugkom.
Ik heb gezien dat je de plateau de Maryse zal doen...T'is zoo leuk!!!
Ik heb graag je Gingerbread House...
Tot ziens!