zondag, november 25, 2007

some changes

Sometimes you have to change some things in life, or else it would be boring ;-), so I gave my blog a new color......

Also I've put some links in the sidebar from my blogging friends (finaly found out how to do this )

And I made a wishlist .... also between the links ;-)

Did some stitching today : a SanMan Originals calledAutumn missing letter. The stitching part is done, still have to do the backstitching. It's going to be for my candlebox-top. You'll see when it is finished.....

My husband also started a blog today, you can find it here . Unfortunatly it is only in Dutch. First post is about his biking experience he had today..... He started mountainbiking a few months ago, and today he rode with a mountainbikersgiuld for the first time, it was fun, but he was o so dirty ;-)

4 opmerkingen:

Pumpkin zei

Hey, change is good Iris :o) I like what you have done with the place. LOL!

I love your San Man! I just love her cute pattens.

Wow! You got DH to start a Blog? That is NEVER going to happen here ;o)

Hannah zei

I like the new colors! Your San Man is coming along nicely. I look forward to seeing it on your candle box.

Nana's Quilts zei

I like your new look - very nice. I wish I knew how to add sidebar names (and sites). I'm too lazy to copy them all down onto paper and then type them in. I'm sure there is an easier way - I just don't know it. And my best computer helper guy is off in Tahiti at the moment. Oh well, he'll come home soon.

I'll go look at your husband's blog and see how my Dutch goes.

patternnuts zei

I like the change in colors! :)
Autumn Missing letter looks great!!!!! :)