zondag, november 04, 2007


Halloween is gone by, now it's time to do some stitching again ;-)
Tomorrow start a SAL on my Dutch yahoo stitchinggroup. We're going to make a design by Maryse, click here (scroll down to sept 8th) . This is my color choice for it.
And this is how it is going to be when it is finished
I got a suprise in the mail from my friend Willeke for Halloween. I love it ! !

I also ordered a new patern, one for Christmas this time ;-)

Gingerbread Cottage

Country Cottage Needleworks

I'm off to work now. My last day, before a 7 days holidy ;-) Gonna stitch a lot in those 7 days, and catch up on some projects. Maybe start something for Christmas already.....

Have a nice Sunday all !!!

2 opmerkingen:

tara zei

have beautiful moments during your holidays!!!
great choice for the "Maryse's poject"...it's wonderful!!!

Pumpkin zei

That is an incredible project that you will be starting Iris :o)

I LOVE the Gingerbread Cottage as well and it will be put on my wish list :o)