donderdag, december 06, 2007

Halloween again ;-)

If you think it is Christmas soon, in my home it is Halloween again ;-) . Yesterday the mailman brought me a wonderful suprise present from Marne. I just love it !!!
Sorry X-mas, Halloween is staying a little longer......

I also started a new project, which is going well, and stitches fast. It's by Tiens Donc !
The letters spell Noël. I've got the N almost finished too.

My mum bought me a new teabox. Now I have to search for a suitable pattern for the top. I think it will be one from Sanman's teaparty freebies.....

My SAL of Maryses pattern is coming along fine, have to finish off the stitching bit this weekend. And I also finished the Christmas mailart, but I can't show that one yet.

Then next week off to my favorite fabric-patchwork store, to buy some new fabrics to finish my teabox, my SAl, and ...... a suprise for someone ;-)

Have a nice weekend all !!!!

8 opmerkingen:

Nana's Quilts zei

When I saw the Halloween banners on the big discount table, I thought of you. You love Halloween more than any other person I know - so I decided that they must belong to you. Now you can put them away until next year, but you will be prepared. Ja?

I love the stitching - I wish I could read French, so I knew what they said. But alas - my Dutch is bad enough. Jammer!

Happy Holidays.
p.s. See you pretty soon, now.

Susan zei

Cute banners! Marne has such great taste, doesn't she? I love the beginning of your Noel piece. I'm going over to look at the Sanman design. That's a great tea box. I never think to pick one up, but next time I'm in Pike's Market, I think I'll have to visit the tea store and choose one!

Simone zei

That Noël design looks familiar to me!!! ;) I didn't know you were going to stitch it also!
Great teabox too!

Pumpkin zei

Oh, those Halloween banners are SO cute! No wonder you want to keep them up for a bit :o)

I look forward to seeing more of this piece you are working on.

What a great tea box! I agree, I think a San Man would be perfect for it :o)

patternnuts zei

Oh my! I have never seen a teabox like that! Where do you get them?
A SanMan design would be wonderful on that!
The reindeer (possible Rudolph?) peeking out of the corner of the Noel design is precious!

Sharon zei

What great Halloween banner's! The tea box is great-I now you will find a neat pattern to put on it.

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Yuko zei

Wow nice! I love the Halloween gifts from Marne, too!
It's absolutely sweet!
I'm looking forward to seeing your Tiens Donc, too!