woensdag, februari 06, 2008

Lots to tell ......

First of all, I recieved an "You make my Day"-award from Tara . Thank you so much, I feel honored !! Now it is my turn to reward some blogs that are inspirational to me, and that make my day ;-) This is not an easy task, as I read a lot of blogs !!!
Here I go :

I finished some things I can show, now they have arrived ;-)

First a present for Simone, for a suprise exchange on my Dutch yahoogroup, because it was the groups third birthday . I made a tray, I tea-dyed the fabric myself. Gives it an antique look.

Then there was a pinkeep exchange on my Dutch yahoogroup. I made one for Lintine. She likes pink, and Tante's zolder, can you tell ? ;-)

And I recieved one from Simone. She made a Sanman design, to hang in my ornament tree. I really love it !!

I'm also in the Valentine's exchange on Crazy-exchange forum, and I got the exchange from Marne. I 'm also loving this one !!! A wonderful quilt with appliquer, candy,a dn a wonderful book with quilting and stitchery patterns in it.

And last but not least, I recieved a gift from Jacqueline. It was a PIF gift,a nd i Love it. It's a needle/scissorcase

I also tried Stitchery for the first time, and I like it ;-)
a pumpkin of course ;-)

And as last picture, my SSS stash that arrived yesterday. Love the colors !!!

Reason I wasn't online for so long is because we had Carnival here in Aalst. I had to make three costumes : for my husband, my brother and me. It was a Joker costume. I'll show a picture, but don't laugh, I look like a balloon (because off all the clothing I have underneath) ;-) ....... The Joker on the right is my husband.

The kids also liked taking pictures ;-)

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Willeke zei

Wow I've been granted an award! I feel so honoured.

I'm sorry but I did laugh at your pic... you look so funny (which I guess is what these costumes were all about so they did their job). I know about all the clothing underneath your costume though... I looked a few sizes more than usual myself the past few days (and you know I already have a considerable size LOL).

Cute pics of the kids too!

Sharon zei

All your works are lovely! Congrats! Everyone looks so great in their costumes-very cool!

Pumpkin zei

Oh Iris, thank you SO much for the award!!!! I will be placing it on my Blog within the week :o) That means SO much to me!

The gifts you gave and the ones you received are wonderful! How you keep track, I don't know ;o) I'm in LOVE with your pumpkin but then, you should have guessed that. LOL!

Oh, the costumes are adorable! Great job and you all look fabulous!

tara zei

thank you so much too!!!you look so great!!!congrats for everything you create!!!!!!!

Nana's Quilts zei

The costumes are terrific! Very good. (almost Halloween again, heh?) And your make-up is most convincing. Do take a picture of your Valentine "tree" - I would really like to see it all decorated.

Virpi zei

Thank you Iris for the award. You have done so much beautiful crafts while I have been away =). Have a lovely Easter!