vrijdag, april 04, 2008

Crazy exchange photo challenge

On Crazy-exchange yahoo group started a photo challenge today. To get to know eachother better, we take photo's according to the subject of the week. This week, the first first challenge was to take your car keys, drive and take pictures of the place you live. Since we didn't have to take the car today, but did make a bike ride, I took pictures while on my bike ;-)
I live in Herdersem, a village on the country, and we rode our bikes along a river today called "Dender". We rode to Aalst ( the City Herdersem is part of ) to visit my mum.

The first photo was taken above the bridge. It's the "Dender"
This picture is under the bridge. My son is in this picture.

On the next photo, when you look closely, you see a church. Between the river and the church is our house, so this nature is in my back yard ;-) It is also classified, so they will never build houses there ....

The boat, on the next photo is a Houseboat. The man who made this boat got his story in the papers. He built it all by himself, and decorated it very luxureous inside, with jaccuzi and marble on the walls......

My husband on his bike ;-)

When arriving in Aalst, along this biking-route is a cafe-boat : you can have a drink and tapas there......

Hope to have given you a bit of an idea of where I live.....

2 opmerkingen:

Janaina zei

Iris, you lucky, lucky, lucky girl! You live in a so beautiful place!
What great shots you took!I love it all! Plus the info ... I am packing and taking a flight to the Netherlands this weekend!:o)

Pumpkin zei

That is so neat to see where you live Iris :o) I love seeing where others live and what it's like in their countries. Thanks!