woensdag, mei 14, 2008

Animals at grandma's

Tara had her 8th birthday last month, and she got a very nice present from her grandma : 2 little rabbits. She just loves them ;-)

Next picture is my husband with the family dog : Fester. Yes, he is named after Fester Addams from the Addams Family ;-) He used to live with us, but when we had to do some work at our house, he went with my mum, and we never got him back... she got used to walking him every day... He has a good life there ;-)

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Pumpkin zei

BUNNIES!!!! Oh, how I LOVE bunnies! They are adorable and you have such a nice hutch for them :o) Your daughter looks very happy.

Fester looks like he's got quite a personality ;o)