vrijdag, mei 30, 2008

I got mail ....

In my mailbox today a belated birthday gift from Willeke ....
I really love it !!
And the Scavenger Hut exchange Marlies has sent me

Kitchen : a beautiful towel... It matches the colors in my Kitchen beautifuly
Flowers : a paper watering can for scrapbooking
Happiness : travelcharms for scrapbooking (traveling makes Marlies very happy )
Tiny : pegs for scrapbooking
Old : a beautiful ribbon from grandma's box
Birds : a beautiful bird, made by an artist...

I love it all, Marlies, thank you very much !!
I really enjoyed this exchange, to see wat everyone hunted ;-) Up to the next one .....

I'm working on Helga's SAL, and on a summer exchange...I'll put picture's in later !

Thanks to all the people who read my blog, and reply to it ! I really enjoy this...
I love you all ;-)
Big hugs !!!!

4 opmerkingen:

Janaina zei

I just love everything! Mail guy is working really hard at your area! =)

Pumpkin zei

You got some really nice goodies there ;o)

I like the new SAL that Helga has started.

Sharon zei

Lovely gifts!

Marlies zei

Ik ben blij dat je mijn exchange leuk vindt! Mag ik je foto gebruiken? Ik ben het zelf vergeten op de foto te zetten :-(

Liefs, Marlies