donderdag, mei 22, 2008


I had a wonderful birthday yesterday, with wonderful presents !!

My husband and brother gave me a travel cheque to go away for a weekend. I can choose when till the end of the year. It's for two...wonder who I'll take with me ....... LOL

Then I got a present on the mail from my friend Chantal. She made me this wonderful bag to put my stitching in. All my colors !!! And inside were wonderful new patterns... I just love them.
Chantal, thanks again !!!!

In the evening my bestfriend Karine came to dinner with her husband, and her present was so special... she collected things through the year for me. Everywhere she went, and she saw something I might like, she brought it to put in my birthday present. I thinks this is so sweet....
a totebag for my scrapbooking, a beautybag with Haunted house, glass jars for my buttons (for when I get my hobbieroom next year ;-) ), a keychain with a witch on it, a thimble with a witch on it, a cow to put my wrist on at my computer, 4 cow placemats and a pair of wonderful witches socs ;-) I just love it all !!!!
Karine, Thanks a 1.000.000 !!!

I feel so spoiled by you all !!!
Thank you !!
Thank you all who visited my blog, for your wonderful birthday wishes !!

4 opmerkingen:

Bianca zei

It looks like you had a great day, you certainly got some wonderful gifts. It's so nice that your friend was looking for gifts all year round! Also I'd like to add that if no one pops up to come with you on your holiday..... (just kiddin')


Pumpkin zei

WOW! You did very well this year ;o)

Your friend Chantal is very talented and I LOVE all the patterns she sent!

Okay Iris, I take it you love cows and witches (or maybe all things Halloween?). I have to say, that is one weird combination ;o) LOL!

Sharon zei

Fabulous birthday gifts!

karine zei

I did enjoy it as much as you to collect these things ! now i can start all over again for next year !!

love karine ;)