vrijdag, mei 30, 2008


On Crazy-exchange we did a Scavengerhunt - exchange. It was the first time I participated in something like that, but I loved putting it together....My partner was Marlies, and she got her exchange today, so here is a picture....

The theme's were :

Birds : I made Red Winged Blackbird by Bent Creek

Flowers : got flower seeds

Happiness : For me that is my friends and friendship

Tiny : beads

Old : I sent two pieces of fabric I died some time ago

Kitchen : I sent a cookbook with Spanish Tapas recipies

3 opmerkingen:

Janaina zei

Ohhh what a sweet pack you sent to Marlies! The pinkeep ornament is so beautiful...Congrats!
I am glad for her!It surely made her day!=)

Pumpkin zei

What a neat and fun idea! Your birdie is adorable :o)

Sharon zei

Such a cute exchange!