woensdag, mei 21, 2008

started stitching again

Yesterday I went to a specialist for my hand and thumb problem, and I got green light ;-) I can do what I can again, and see if things gets better. He did say, that when it got worse again, I have to go back, and maybe there will be an operation..... But I 'm in for positive thinking, so hoping all goes well ;-)

So, I started stitching again yesterday.

First the Sanman square SAL - only got to the A

And I made a start on WxsW SAL

3 opmerkingen:

Pumpkin zei

YAY! You're stitching again :o) Hopefully your hand will stay well.

Elza zei

Nog gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag en je kunt gelukkig weer borduren.

Lennu zei

Happy belated birthday!! You've received wonderful gifts for your birthday, enjoy :) Oh it's great that you're able to stitch again!