dinsdag, juni 03, 2008


I made a hornbook for Stephanie as a return-crazy-exchange gift. It arrived today, so now I can Show it to you :

I teadyed the fabric, and my dad made the hornbook.

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Carol R zei

Hello - I saw your gorgeous hornbook you made for Stephanie on her blog and came over to visit.
Nice blog with great pics of your lovely work especially the dragonfly jar.

Pumpkin zei

Gorgeous! You AND your dad did a fantastic job Iris :o)

Who is the designer of that pattern?

Hazel zei

Wow I love that! Is that Amon ami pierre? xx

Terry zei

That is lovely!! I love the hornbooks!! Great stitching and beautiful work!

Sharon zei

Iris this is stunning! I love it-great job!

Yodamanda zei

Hey Iris, thanks for commenting on my new blog, good to meet you. I loved your hornbook and the dragonfly jar is great, I like dragonflies and have just got a design to do a pincushion. You have some very beautiful work.

Lennu zei

That's beautiful, I already admired it in Stephanie's blog earlier! It's such a beauty, great work!

Olenka's Stitches zei

Hi Iris!
You have a great blog, I enjoyed my stay here. The hornbook looks gorgeous, finishing is very nice.