vrijdag, juni 27, 2008

Pictures of us .....

Thisis our DD Tara, with her leg in a casque ... last Sunday, she had a biking accident, and now her foor is in a casque till Tuesday, then we have a doctors appointment to see how it is. She may not walk on it for a full week, and has to rest a lot....

This isour DS Thorben, at the schoolparty last Sunday... Isn't he a real rocker ? ?

And this is our new car !! We bought the car in January, but had to wait untill today to get him . It's a Ford S-Max, and it drives great !!!

Not much to tell on stitching, I' stitching all FBI projects now... Hopefully my Summer exchange arrives soon, then I can show some pictures ;-)

4 opmerkingen:

online lotto zei

Its ok if the appearance of your blog is not good. The important thing is the topic or the content of your blog.

Willeke zei

That poor Tara, I can imagine how many pain she must have had (having been in a leg casque three times...).
I can't believe how Thorben looks like his daddy in those pictures, just incredible!
And finally, your long awaited car has arrived. Drive safely, and enjoy!!!

Virpi zei

Poor Tara, I hope her foot is better soon. Good luck with your FBI projects.

Pumpkin zei

Poor thing :o( She doesn't look too bothered by it though! LOL!

Ohhhh, I LOVE your new car! Wow, I can't believe it took this long to get to you.

Btw, what does FBI stand for?