maandag, juli 28, 2008

Exchanges - Brussels

Stitching update :
summer needleroll for exchange - finished
crazy exchange present for ..... - almost finished
Autumn exchange Crazy-exchange - half way done
Autumn exchange Wijnkelder - ready to start on

I've never been so far ahead with exchanges ..; good for me, now I have the time to finish some other pieces, like WxsW SAL and a Halloween piece from Sanman I started on last year, and would love to finish for this years halloween .... This is how far I got.

We also went a day to Brussels this week, to go and see our national treasure : manneke pis. He is Belgiums most famous little boy ;-)

I'll be back with some updates when some of my exchanges and presents have arrived ;-)

3 opmerkingen:

Virpi zei

You have been really productive. It seems you had a great time in Brussels.

Pumpkin zei

You've got a fair amount done on Sandy's Halloween piece! I hope you finish it this year so I can see what it looks like :o) that little boy peeing? LOL! We have a famous little boy here that we call Freddy the Nude Dude ;o)

kristien zei

Hey Iris,
Ik heb je gevonden. Nog veel borduurplezier!!!! Oh ja, het zijn leuke foto's op je blog.
Allé tot binnenkort, groetjes Kristien