woensdag, juli 02, 2008


Finished it just now.... I'm wondering wether to put initials on it (my friends and mine ) or not.... I kinda like it like this ...
What do you think ? ? The original picture has initials all over it ....

Gonna work on WxsW SAL today, hoping to finish Spring, because part 3 is already there....

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Anoniem zei
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Anoniem zei
Deze reactie is verwijderd door een blogbeheerder.
Simone zei

I like it the way it is, without the initials!

Willeke zei

I kinda like it like this, think it is too busy with the initials all around. You did a great job on this, having it finished so fast!!!

karine zei

mooi werkje terug hoor ! en zonder initialen is het mooier !

gr. karine

Pumpkin zei

Hmmm...not really sure where you can fit those initials in. I like it the way it is :o)

Thanks for reminding me about the SAL Iris!

Sharon zei

Pretty finish Iris! Congrats. Your
family photo's are great.

Tanja zei

Groetjes van Tanja uit Phoenix, Arizona. Kwam je Nederlandse naam tegen in een lijst van cross stitch bloggers!

Nana's Quilts zei

This is very nice Iris - with initials or without. Thanks for all the photos from the wedding, too. Nice to see all of the family.


tkdchick zei

What a lovely peice I'd go for hiding initials somewhere!

Lennu zei

It looks beautiful! I think you've maybe made your decision already, but I like it this way :)