dinsdag, juli 01, 2008

More pictures of us .....

Last Saturday, my cousin Kim got married toDavy ...... I introduce to you :

the happy couple Kim and Davy

Me and my cousin Kim

Me and my husband Michaël

Me and my brother Erik

Me and my son Thorben

My daughter Tara and my grandmother (age 86)
I also recieved my summer exchange from Diane yesterday... Can't show what I made yet, because it didn't arrive yet ....
And this is how far I am on my emblem of friendship

4 opmerkingen:

Simone zei

Wat een prachtige bruid! En wat leuk al die familiekiekjes! Je Emblem of Friendship wordt prachtig!

Pumpkin zei

Oh lovely! Her dress is beautiful. It's great to finally see a picture of you too :o)

Your piece is coming along nicely Iris.

Erik zei

En zo schoon geschminkt dat ge zijt precies.... :p

Janaina zei

Hey, Iris! Nice to meet you! What a pretty girl you are! And what a beautiful family you have! Congratulations! =)