zaterdag, augustus 02, 2008

A finish

Yesterday was Chantals birthday, and I made her a No Sew Cube . Yes, Chantal was the friend I was making this Emblem of Friendship for .... A special pattern, for a special friend !!

Chantal, hope you had a wonderful birthday !!!

This weekend or next week, lots of my other projects wil be arriving, then I can show some pictures ;-) But that has to be for after August 10 th, because on Monday , we are leaving on our vacation to Germany 4 days to a town called Winterberg, for walking and enjoying nature, and 2 days to Phantasialand (kids are looking forward to that ;) ) We are going to stay in the hotel Ling Bao, in Phantasialand....

CU all when I get back !!!

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Nana's Quilts zei

When you get home. . . . I hope you had a wonderful holiday. I want to see photos! (please)

Kreative blogging award for you - see my blog.


Pumpkin zei

That's beautiful Iris and I'm sure Chantal will treasure it :o)

Sharon zei

Beautiful cube Iris! I hope you had a great vacation!