maandag, september 22, 2008

crazy-exchange present from Carol

I recieved a beautiful exchange present today from Carol. A gorgeous floss tag, dmc, eyelets, and a card.

Carol, thank you !!! I really love it !!!!

I'm finishing and mailing lots of exchanges this week, so photo's will follow later....

6 opmerkingen:

Carol zei

Sooo glad it arrived safe and sound - I had great fun stitching for you, enjoy!! {{{HUGS}}} - you must have known I had one coming your way, right? ;-)

Janaina zei

Lovely parcel, Iris! The floss tag is a darling piece! Congrats!

Joke zei

Lovely exchange, Carol did a good job, as usual :)

Pumpkin zei

I saw that and figured the Iris she was talking about was you ;o) What a nice gift!

Dani - tkdchick zei

lovely giftie from Carol!

Sharon zei

Great echange!