woensdag, september 24, 2008

The spirit of halloween

Had a bit of a down day today, but my spirit is lifted now ;-) ... I went halloween shopping .....

First a cauldron, with mist maker

And a doorbell ... when you push it says : "Can I dare you to knock ...." or "Can I dare you to try again ?"... and a spider jumps out of his mouth .... The kids just love it ! And so do I ;-)

Creepy greetings all .......

3 opmerkingen:

Pumpkin zei

LOL! I'd love to go to your house for Halloween :o)

karine zei

oooh wat leuke dingen terug !!
hopelijk voel je je al wat beter weer !

groetjes Karine

Erik zei

Nothing like shopping to lift your spirits, I suppose :p