dinsdag, oktober 07, 2008

Some finishes to show

Finally I can show some of the things I finished lately. First up is the autumn-exchange from Wijnkelder. I made this cube for Astrid.

Second one is my LHN I made for Marion, on brduurhoekjes LHN exchange. I choose Strawberry House, and used the original threads and charms.
Two more finishes to show, but one hasn't been opened yet, and one isn't arived yet, so those are for later ;-)
I'm on a countdown to Halloween (when am I not ? ) I'm already thinking about the party I'm going to give : who to invite, what to eat, how to decorate.... Would love to try the inside of a dungeon ;-) It won't be a witches party this time, but a little more macabre .... my brother is a make-up artist, so that part will be no problem, now on the hunt for a spooky ghoul costume of some sort ;-)

Invitations are going in the mail next week ....

Who wants to come Trick or Treating ? ?

4 opmerkingen:

Lennu zei

Beautiful exchanges!! The acorn cube is gorgeous :)

Pumpkin zei

ME! OH ME! I'd love to come :o)

Those are just beautiful finishes Iris! You always amaze me with your talent :o) Can you please tell me who designed the acorn?

karine zei

ooh , ik had u strawberryhouse nog niet af gezien , zo moooooi !!!

groetjes Karine

Sharon zei

Gorgeous finishes!