zondag, november 02, 2008

Hallo - fall exchange

I made this for Pascale, for the halloween - autumn exchange on my Dutch stitching group.... It's a Sanman Originals .... finished into a box.... (I almost kept it to myself ;) )

9 opmerkingen:

Janaina zei

Absolutely lovely finishing! Congrats on the piece, Iris!

Daffycat zei

Ooo, that would be a hard one to send away! Beautiful finish!

Pumpkin zei

You do such lovely finishes Iris and this is definitely another one :o)

Sharon zei

It's beautiful Iris!

Lennu zei

Iris, it's a great finish!! You've done wonderful job with it :)

pascale zei

Yes and it's mine know, You don't get it back.

thank you very much Iris.


Joke zei

You've been tagged, by me :-)
And your fall exchange is great!!

Joke zei

You've been tagge, by me :-)
Ans a great exchange!

Anoniem zei

A lovely finish!