zondag, november 02, 2008

Photo's from halloween

First off all, thank you to all for your nice comments and the halloween whishes !! I really appreciate this !!!

Our Halloween night was fun. Here are some photo's : first the decorations. The tombstone I made myself (with the help from my husband), the pumpkin was a gift from a friend ...

Bone apetit ......

My husband on the left, and our friend guy....

My brother Erik on the right, and our friend Kevin

My daughter was a vampirella, and I was her prisinor ghoul ;-)

Halloween is gone till next year..... But I'm already starting to make plans for it .... ;-)

4 opmerkingen:

karine zei

boehoehoe , en ik heb dat moeten missen :(

wacht maar tot volgend jaar !

groetjes Karine

Nana's Quilts zei

Fabulous Iris. You really made it quite a party and sooooo many decorations. Your table and decor are outstanding. You must have to collect things all year long to be ready. Is it time to start for next year? I guess it is!


Janaina zei

Wooooow... you guys REAAly were into Halloween!
Great decorations! Congrats! =)

Pumpkin zei

AWESOME! Your place looks like A LOT of fun at Halloween :o) Great decor!