donderdag, mei 21, 2009

My Birthday

I had my birthday today, and got some wonderful presents !!
First of all, my husband bought me a new deigital camera, so I had to test it ricght away ;-)

The first present is from Willija, from a birthday exchane on wijnkelder. She made me a wonderful card with Irisses on it, and a Witchy pillow in a nice tray. I love it !!

This gift is from Bianca. It is a Sanman design, made into a floss tag !! Thanx Bianca, I think it is great !!
My friend Chantal brought me this for my birthday : a wonderful big button box, with contents :

The box
When I opened the lid : there were patterns inside, fabric and buttons
top shelve :
And when you take out the top side, you have a second part, where she had put beautiful floss !!
Chantal, you spoiled me !!! But I love it all !! Thank you so much ! You are the bestest Friend !!

4 opmerkingen:

karine zei

amaai , shjicke dinges !!!
en nog eens gefeliciteerd hé !

groetjes Karine

Chantal zei

Het is met plezier gegeven . ik hoop dat je doos goed kunt gebruiken .

Pumpkin zei

Drat! Another birthday I have missed :o(

WOW! Look at all the nice things you received. That box is amazing!


Sharon zei

Hi Iris, so sorry I missed your birthday! I hope you had a very happy one. You have some fabulous gifts here!