woensdag, december 30, 2009

I still have a blog....

OMG, 4 months since I wrote somthing in my blog .... I blame facebook ;-)

Lot's to show though ....

This was a present from Simone

a lizzieKate, made for a stitching friends birthday.

Made this for another stitching friends birthday, in a birthday exchange

Made this for a Christmas Ornament exchange for Elza
Made this for a Christmas ornament exchange for Lintine

I recieved this in a Christmas exchange from my mum

I recieved this in a Christmas ornament exchange from Jacqueline

I made this for my mum, who loves Rudolph ;)

More in the next post ;-)

2 opmerkingen:

Pumpkin zei

It's great to see you back Iris!!!! At least we can see that you have still be stitching ;o) Lovely projects.

Sharon zei

They are all beautiful! Nice to see a post. Happy New Year! I am on facebook too. Look for me Sharon Green Long!