zaterdag, mei 22, 2010

Birthday exchange

Yesterday I had my Birthday, and boy, have I been spoiled ....

This is the biggest Birthdaycard ever from my friend Chantal. She is also coming for Tea, cake and stitching on Sunday
From my husband I got books to read from one of my favorite authors and from my brother a gift certificate from my favorite gardencenter.

From Willija, in a Brithday exchange, I got this wonderful needleroll and other goodies. Just love it !! It's so me ....

From Ilona, in a Brithdayexchange, I got this wonderful wallhanger and other goodies. Also so me....

From my friend Karine I got this beautiful card ... Just love the color !!

Thanks all !!!!

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Ingrid zei

Prachtige dingen heb je gekregen Iris. Nog gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag.
Groetjes Ingrid.